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My Life Is A Zoo

This is where I will post interesting (or not so interesting) things that happen in my life. The subject matter will include any random things that I decide to put in (including animals, my work, my hobbies and my family).

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ahhhhh.....Now how cute is this?

These are pictures of Bruiser, our Asiatic Black Bear (aka a Moon Bear). Isn't he cute?

And I can't forget Willie, our male Spectacled Bear. He's pretty cute too...when he wants to be....

All three photos were taken by my friend, Beth.


Blogger Crowzma said...

Ok, ok ... lions and tigers and bears and giraffes ...

I absolutely want your life.

Bruiser's very, very cute.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love what you guys are doing for our animals at the HOUSTON ZOO.(My great grandfather worked for the Houston zoo yrs. ago.) It is my passion to give all animals respect and comfort..when abused.
Thank you again for always taking care of our animals. You are a very compassionate person! Bruiser had a wonderful life in the end...thanks to you and the gang!

10:16 PM  

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