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My Life Is A Zoo

This is where I will post interesting (or not so interesting) things that happen in my life. The subject matter will include any random things that I decide to put in (including animals, my work, my hobbies and my family).

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Since I've been Tagged here are my answers:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I still had Jack. I did not have Tori or Tom or Zoey or Boomer. I had just graduated from college. I wasn't a zoo keeper. I wasn't fostering dogs yet. I didn't have a cell phone. I had just started to realize how many friends I can have all over the country thanks to email and the internet. I didn't know how to knit.

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. crackers
2. chocolate
3. ice cream
4. fruits/veggies
5. granola bars
6. yogurt

Five Things on My To-Do list today:
1. trim the hedge in the front yard (done!)
2. mow the back yard (done!)
3. laundry (almost done!)
4. finish my book (getting there....)
5. knit (will be soon!)
6. play with the animals

Five Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. donate a bunch of money to rescue and conservation and ????
2. buy a house with land so that I could have some sheep and horses and ????
3. invest
4. share with friends and family
5. travel

Five jobs I have had:
1. pet sitter
2. secretary for a travel agency
3. babysitter
4. student
5. zookeeper

Five of my bad habits:
1. I'm impatient
2. I'm not neat
3. I get sucked into the internet waaay too easily
4. I'm intolerant of stupid people (okay....I'm not sure that that really counts as a bad habit...)
5. I'm not good at replying to emails or sending cards or writing letters.

Five places I have lived:
1. Camp Pendleton, CA
2. Oceanside, CA
3. Gig Harbor, WA
4. Topeka, KS
5. Pullman, WA

Five people I would like to get to know better (yes, this means you are tagged!):
1. Everyone who reads this!

Five Random Things:
1. I hate yard work
2. I foster for two breed rescues.
3. I still consider myself a beginner knitter
4. I hate humidity (yes, I realize the irony).
5. I'm happy with who I am.
6. I love to learn new things.
7. I'm not an extrovert
8. I'll read just about anything.
9. I don't travel as much as I would like to.
And yes....that's more than 5. I don't always follow the rules... ;)


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