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My Life Is A Zoo

This is where I will post interesting (or not so interesting) things that happen in my life. The subject matter will include any random things that I decide to put in (including animals, my work, my hobbies and my family).

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sasha is doing amazingly well. She has gained weight and finishes off all of her food. This is a 180 degree change from when I first got her. Due to her cold she wasn't too interested in eating. I eventually started shoving Robitussin down her throat to help her get over it. She tolerated that very well. At no point has this dog shown any aggression towards me...and believe me, if she was going to she would have by now! I had to clean her ears and shove nasty tasting cough medicine down her throat twice a day. If anyone is interested in adopting Sasha she is on the ASDRL website under "Available Dogs". She will be scheduled for a spay in the near future. She is also HW negative (which was quite a surprise!).


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