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This is where I will post interesting (or not so interesting) things that happen in my life. The subject matter will include any random things that I decide to put in (including animals, my work, my hobbies and my family).

Saturday, May 20, 2006

And the Winner of the Preakness is.....

Bernardini! Good job Bernardini. He ran a nice race and won by several lengths.

However, he didn't get to race Barbaro, who never finished the race. He was pulled up shortly after the break with a hind leg injury (right). He has been loaded into the ambulance. The on call vet says it appears to be a "significant injury" but won't know what exactly is wrong until after he has been thoroughly checked out. Michael Matz headed down to the track the minute he saw Barbaro being pulled up by his jockey, Edgar Prado (which was no easy task with this horse. He was ready to run and did not want to stop!)

The injury occurred after the race started - it appears he took a bad step shortly after breaking from the gate. Barbaro's false start did not have anything to do with the injury. (He broke early and ran a few feet before Edgar was able to bring him to a stop and return him to the gate).

I truly hope this is not a career ending injury, however, it does not look good. Leg injuries in horses aren't something to take lightly and Barbaro definitely did not want to put weight on that leg. Our thoughts and prayers are with Barbaro and his trainers. I hope he races again. He's a great horse and I'm glad I was able to see him run the Derby (even if it was on TV).

For more Preakness information, click here. It will take you to their official website.


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