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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've recently become an Independent Consultant for Scentsy, Inc.  I love this product!  For those of you who know me, you know that's true or I would never have agreed to sell it. :-)  Visit my website to read my Scentsy story!

Love the smell of scented candles but won't light them because you're worried your curious Ridgeback will burn their nose or the set the house on fire?  If you're like me, you are!  And that is why I decided to sell Scentsy.  Scentsy is a line of wickless candles that are perfect for pet owners!  Instead of lighting a candle to make the house smell nice, you melt the wax in a warmer using a low wattage light bulb.  Scentsy has over 80 scents and over 80 styles of warmers (full size, mid-size and plug-ins).  They also sell scent circles for your car, hand sanitizers, stuffed animals, room sprays and scent paks (perfect for gym or school lockers or your closet at home!).

There are three ways you can purchase Scentsy products:  
a) host a home party (Houston, TX area residents only) - I will come to your house and talk with you and your friends about Scentsy.  I will bring a variety of Scentsy products, testers of the available scents, catalogs and order forms.  This party also comes with an online catalog (for the duration of the party) so any friends or family who can't make the party can still order from you.  Every order over $150 comes with free shipping!  A few days after the party, I'll in put all the orders and close out the party.

b) host a basket party (anyone within the US) - I will mail you testers of the available scents, a room spray, catalogs and order forms.  If you do not have a Scentsy warmer, I can also mail you one of those plus a scent so you can show your friends and family how it works.  I will also provide you with any support you need.  This party typically last 7-14 days.  It also comes with an online catalog (for the duration of the party) so any friends or family who don't live near you can still purchase.  All you have to do is show your friends, family and coworkers your Scentsy products.  Scentsy tends to sell itself pretty easily so have some friends over for a movie night and start up a warmer.  Or take the catalog to work and let your friends look at it.  Pretty simple!  At the end of the party, you mail everything back to me (completed order forms, money, testers, etc) and I'll submit the orders, including your free and half price items to Scentsy. All orders NOT ordered through the party's online catalog will ship to you (unless it specifies otherwise on the order form) and then you take it to the friend or family who ordered it.  Again, any orders over $150 will receive free shipping.  So if I input over $150 in orders for your party (and the total order gets shipped to you) there is no shipping charge on those orders.

c) order through my website - if you don't want to host a party you can still buy Scentsy products!  All you have to do is go to my website (https://sibtigre2.scentsy.us/), click on "buy" and order whatever you want!  It will be shipped directly to you. :-)

Benefits of doing a party vs ordering from my website are:

Once the party reaches $150 in sales (not including tax or s/h) you start receiving credit you can use to buy Scentsy products.  Of course, the more you sell, the more you get. If you sell $150-$249 you get 10% in credit plus 1 half price item.  $250-$399 you get 10% in credit plus 2 half price items, $400-$999 - 15% in  credit plus 3 half price items, $1000 or more - 15% in credit plus 4 half price items.  So if you sell $150 at your party, you get a credit of $15  to spend on Scentsy products and the option to purchase 1 item at half-price.  If you sell $380 worth of product you get $38 in credit plus the option to purchase 2 items at half price. So the more you sell, the more you get! :-)

If you're interested in hosting a party, or in joining Scentsy, please message me!  I love my hosts, hostesses and consultants!  I also love referrals.  If you know someone who loves candles, they'll also love Scentsy!  And Scentsy is much safer than traditional candles.  :-)

Susan Shepard
Independent Scentsy Consultant


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